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The electronic journal is established by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in 2004 within the framework of the Federal Targeted Programme “Development of Uniform Information Environment” (20012005) as a part of the federal education portal “Engineering Education” as a constituent of the federal education portal “Engineering Education”. Journal creation was caused by the need in revival of high-quality engineering education in Russia, which was one of the most important national tasks.

The Journal “Science and Education: scientific publication of BMSTU” (“Engineering Education” till 2006) has been issuing since November 2003 in a monthly format with addition: a block of news, forum and message boards available online. Since the April 2011 the Supreme Attestation Commission (VAK) of the Russian Federation has included the journal in its list of head peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions, which must publish the primary results of research theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

The journal is non-profit. From 2004 to 2011 it annually passed state registration in FSUE STC “Informregistr”.

The Journal is logged in the Federal Depository Institution of electronic publications; certificate of registration 008 dated the 18 January 2005, issued by the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency for Information Technologies.

Publications in the main headings of the journal “Science and Education” possess the assigned DOI (Digital Object Identifier). The journal is presented in a variety of databases, such as the scientific electronic library elibrary.ru, NP “NEICON.” There is a partnership agreement with EBSCO Publishing Inc., supported by Russian and English versions of the journal.

Materials for publication (a paper and accompanying documents) are submitted to the journal Editorial Board partly in print and partly in digital forms. Materials in digital form are presented by registering the author's application for paper publication on the web of journal

To consider the scientific publications and a journal issue an Editorial Board is established. Its Head is Professor Igor B. Fedorov, Academician, Sc.D. (Eng.) a President of BMSTU. The Editorial Board includes 16 key Russian and foreign scientists, namely: two academicians, two corresponding fellows of the Russian Academy of Science, a member of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tatarstan, nine Sc.D., two Sc.D. in physical and mathematical sciences, 14 professors, including two foreign professors.

The Editorial Board of the journal represents the following institutions: BMSTU; Lomonosov State University; JSC GSKB Almaz-Antey; JSC Research and Production Concern “Machine-Building Design Bureau”; Kazan State Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev; Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI); Laboratory of Robotics and Mechatronics DICeM (University of Cassino and South Latium); Instituto Politecnico Nacional (CITEDI MEXICO).

The journal is widely multi-field and publishes original papers in the following areas of science and technology:

  • Mechanics (01.02.00);
  • Machine Building and Engineering Science (05.02.00);
  • Aircraft and Rocket Space Engineering (05.07.00);
  • Instrumentation Engineering, Metrology and Information-Measuring Devices and Systems (05.11.00);
  • Information Science, Computer Engineering and Control (05.13.00).

The editorial staff is permanently gaining quality of presented materials and scientific level of publications. It provides the publication of amendments, refinements, and comments on previously published papers and holds the published materials, forwarding them for storage to specialists (RISC).

In order to ensure high quality of published papers, in making decisions on publication the Editorial Board uses criteria such as scientific innovation, relevance of the study, a lack of plagiarism (all papers are verified for plagiarism), cohesion and coherence, neatness, and simplicity of described material, authors' ethical practices in exchange of scientific information.

The high quality of published papers is also provided by the impartial scientific review, stable Editorial Board membership, and principles of free decision-making.

The journal's web contains information on the ethical standards for authors, guidelines for paper registration and submission and for preparation of abstract and summary.

The Editorial Board informs the authors on a procedure of submitting the papers for publication, a procedure of decision-making on publications, and requirements for papers to be published in the journal. The Editorial Board may request an expert opinion on the imprimatur to publish the author-submitted materials. Authors have the right to appeal against the taken decision concerning their paper, formulating grounds to reverse a decision.

The Editorial Board ensures a confidentiality of author's information and materials. The Editorial Board informs the authors about the open access to data, which it posts together with the publication, as well as about the additional information that may be posted with open access available by agreement with the authors.

The Editorial Board makes a practice to publish papers concerning the problem in the proposed topics. To provide such papers the Editorial Board involves the higher school professionals and representatives of industry.

In order to make objective decision on the publication, editors provide independent scientific review of papers submitted for publication. The editorial staff provides the quality control and timeliness of scientific reviews. If a scientific reviewer does not provide proper quality of reviews, cooperation with him (her) is terminated.

When providing a peer review the Editorial Board tracks conflicts of interest to avoid them. A multiple review of submitted scientific papers on various aspects of this work is acceptable. The Editorial Board ensures the anonymity of a peer review.

The journal is published to have an open access, i.e. all published materials are completely accessible on the Internet from the date of publication.

Published materials are provided to users under the terms and conditions of the open license CC BYNC.

Authors of published materials ensure that these materials are original, never published before, have no prohibited information for publication, do not violate the copyrights of the third parties. Providing materials for publication, each author has an obligation to make available the published works only in the framework of mentioned license, in particular, the author is obliged to reproduce the transferred materials and their parts only with a reference to primary source (i.e. journal “Science and Education: scientific publication of BMSTU”).

The Publisher presents authors-provided information on the funding sources of research, which materials are included in scientific publications.

The Publisher maintains a dialogue with the readers in order to gain efficiency of publishing process, improve quality of scientific publications, and identify violations of ethical standards in exchange of scientific information.

In addition to publications according to the main headings, the journal supports a number of annexes, namely General problems of engineering education; Engineer in contemporary Russia; Education abroad, History of technological progress; Engineer-to-be.

The heading “Side information” contains the following regularly updated sections: Photo-report; News feed; Authors (supported search of all publications of user-specified author of the journal); Press releases; Library (includes new book reviews); Conferences (calls for Russian and international papers); Exhibitions (calls for Russian and foreign exhibitions); Archive (access to all publications of the journal); Information about the project (contains basic information about the journal history, its current status and prospects for further development).

The Journal aim is to provide information environment on its pages for a wide exchange of ideas on the relevant problems in science engineering and technology. In addition, the journal expects to discuss the issues on the industrial adaptation of young specialists and to post information on the vacant job placements and CVs of undergraduate and graduate students of top universities in Russia. The technical capabilities of the journal meet the highest up-to-date standards with a great potential, which has not been completely utilized yet.

The Editorial Board is looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with the stakeholders.

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About Project
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